Exploration Laboratories Announces Unconventional Funding Strategy, Releases First-Ever Collection of Private Space Economy NFTs

This funding strategy encourages ownership in the community as NFT holders will have exclusive benefits and participate in the company’s future space missions

Long Beach, CA — Exploration Laboratories LLC, ExLabs, an aerospace company developing the next generation of space utility vehicles, today announced its release of the first-ever NFT collection that supports space resource acquisition. ExLabs is releasing a limited amount of Explorer’s Series One NFTs, which will support the company’s space mission to bring asteroids into a usable orbit and mine Lithium, Titanium, Gold, Platinum-group metals, and other resources for use both in Space and on Earth.

The new NFT series showcases art inspired by the company’s desire for space exploration–for all that will be found and all that will be newly discovered. Holders of the first Explorer’s NFT launch will automatically become members and get 10 Exploration Tokens per day, which can be redeemed for exclusive benefits including launching their name into space, voting on future company and community decisions, contributing art for placement on a next-generation spaceship, access to milestone events, and ownership of asteroid fragments. Explorer’s members will be part of a community that supports the ambitious yet attainable goals of utilizing the limitless resources Space has to offer. The new NFT series can be minted at ExLabs.space/explorersnft.

This launch marks the first of three distinct Explorer’s Series. This mission will allow the Explorer’s members to experience what it would be like for humans to be “out there”, off the planet, conducting industry research, and finding riches in space.

“ExLabs is taking a unique, community-first approach by allowing both the aerospace and the NFT Crypto communities to become active participants in our mission” says Miguel Pascual, the company’s leading Aerospace Engineer. “The equation for space exploration is about to change as entrepreneurial companies like ExLabs continue to emerge.”

A pioneering aerospace company in the emerging “Space Economy,” ExLabs plans to connect humanity to opportunities that have never before been available, leading deep space missions that utilize the scalability and greater economic viability of the next generation of super-heavy lift vehicles, launching later this year. ExLabs is led by industry veterans with successful startup and aerospace engineering backgrounds, including tenures at NASA, Boeing, and SpaceX.


Exploration Laboratories, ExLabs, is an aerospace company developing the next generation of space exploration task vehicles, designed to capture and deliver asteroid resources. The pedigreed team at ExLabs has been assembled from the very best talent that the modern space and technology industries have to offer, and represents over 100 years of combined space innovation and entrepreneurial success from SpaceX, Boeing, NASA, and more. ExLabs plans to connect humanity to opportunities that have never before been explored. This will lead to an ambitious deep space mission, creating the next generation of super-heavy lift vehicles that will go into deep space and carry out a variety of missions in a first-ever, private enterprise, industrial space exploration. ExLabs is privately held and headquartered in California.



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Exploration Laboratories is developing the next generation of vehicles for space exploration, designed to capture asteroid resources.